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8473 SBIホールディングス 83 Positive SBI Holdings (8473.T) is a Japanese financial services company. It has a strong position in the market with a market cap of JPY 1,093,862,559,744. The stock has been performing well, with a positive year change of 33.83%. It is currently trading at JPY 3,968.0, near its year high of JPY 4,145.0. The stock has a relatively high average trading volume, indicating good liquidity. The fifty-day average is JPY 3,607.76, higher than the two hundred-day average of JPY 3,151.85, showing a positive short-term trend. Overall, the stock has good prospects for investment, with positive growth potential.

2024-03-06 06:56:18
1301 極洋 60 Negative Based on the provided financial indicators, it is advisable to have a cautious approach towards investing in stock 1301.T. The stock's year change of -3.15% indicates a decline in value over the past year. The year low of 3370.0 and the year high of 4120.0 suggest a significant price volatility within that period. Additionally, the stock's market capitalization of 39316287500.0, while not alarming, is relatively small compared to other stocks in the market. With a fifty-day average of 3793.8, the stock has been experiencing a downward trend. However, the fact that the stock is trading above both its fifty-day and two-hundred-day averages could be an indication of possible market resistance. Considering these factors, it is recommended to further analyze the company's financial health, industry trends, and market conditions before making investment decisions.

2024-03-06 06:56:11
7203 トヨタ自動車 87 Positive Toyota Motor Corporation (7203.T) is a Japanese automotive manufacturer with a market capitalization of JPY 50,800,842,193,920. Its stock is traded on the JPX exchange. The day's high and low prices were JPY 3,772.0 and JPY 3,690.0 respectively. The last traded price was JPY 3,769.0 with a volume of 31,920,900 shares. The stock has a 52-week high of JPY 3,742.0 and a low of JPY 1,764.0. The 50-day and 200-day moving averages stand at JPY 3,051.69 and JPY 2,611.19 respectively. The stock's year change is 94.78%. Considering the positive year change, a strong market cap, high trading volume, and consistent performance with an increasing 50-day moving average, Toyota (7203.T) is worth considering for investment.

2024-03-06 06:55:58
1319 NEXT FUNDS 日経300株価指数連動型上場投信 80 Positive The NEXT FUNDS Nikkei 300 Index Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) with ticker symbol 1319.T is offered by Nomura Asset Management Co Ltd. It has a trailing price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) of 14.43, which suggests that the fund is reasonably priced. The fund has a current dividend yield of 1.73% and a year-to-date return of 21.91%, indicating positive performance. The fund tracks the performance of the Nikkei 300 Index, which represents the top 300 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The fund has total assets worth 3,468,999,936 JPY and an average daily volume of 9,666 shares. With a three-year average return of 10.91% and a five-year average return of 6.37%, the fund has shown consistent growth over the years. Considering the positive performance, solid assets under management, and attractive dividend yield, investing in 1319.T can be a viable option for investors seeking exposure to the Nikkei 300 Index.

2023-07-25 09:42:44
1345 上場インデックスファンドJリート(東証REIT指数)隔月分配型 80 Positive Listed Index Fund J-REIT (Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index) (1345.T) is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) managed by Nikko Asset Management Co Ltd. It aims to track the performance of the Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index. The ETF has a trailing PE ratio of 25.74, which suggests that it may be trading at a relatively high valuation compared to its earnings. However, it has a yield of 0.0358, indicating that it offers a dividend to investors. The fund has a five-year average return of 4.68% and a three-year average return of 7.92%. This indicates that the fund has generated positive returns over the long term. The fund has total assets worth JPY 201,559,998,464. Considering the positive returns and the dividend yield, this ETF seems to be a good investment option.

2023-07-23 07:08:32
1812 鹿島建設 80 Positive Kajima Corporation (1812.T) is an engineering and construction company based in Japan. The company has a strong financial position with a market capitalization of JPY 1,015,837,360,128 and a total cash of JPY 286,163,009,536. Kajima Corporation has been consistently paying dividends with a current dividend yield of 0.033 and a payout ratio of 0.307. The company's profit margins of 0.04674 indicate a decent level of profitability. Additionally, Kajima Corporation has shown positive earnings growth and revenue growth of 35.3% and 6.9% respectively. With a forward PE ratio of 8.52 and a peg ratio of -1.2, the stock appears to be undervalued. Overall, the company's stable financial position, dividend payments, and positive growth trends suggest that it may be a good investment.

2023-07-13 07:20:07
1346 MAXIS 日経225上場投信 80 Positive The MAXIS NIKKEI225 ETF (1346.T) is an exchange-traded fund managed by Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management Co., Ltd. It aims to track the performance of the Nikkei 225 Index, which comprises the top 225 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The fund has a solid track record, with a three-year average return of 15.77% and a five-year average return of 10.25%. The fund's YTD return stands at an impressive 28.43%, indicating strong performance so far this year.

The fund has total assets of JPY 1,897,982,984,192, indicating a sizable investment pool. Its expense ratio, however, is not provided in the available data. The trailing price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) of 18.12 suggests that the fund's underlying securities are reasonably valued compared to their earnings.

The fifty-two week high and low of 35,130.0 and 26,495.0, respectively, provide a historical range of the fund's price movement. The current stock price of 34,590.0 is close to the previous close and within this historical range.

Considering the positive YTD return and solid average returns over three and five years, along with its goal to track the performance of the Nikkei 225 Index, investing in the MAXIS NIKKEI225 ETF (1346.T) could be a worthwhile option for investors seeking exposure to the Japanese stock market.

2023-07-01 08:34:34
1320 iFreeETF 日経225(年1回決算型) 80 Positive Daiwa ETF-Nikkei 225 (1320.T) is an exchange-traded fund managed by Daiwa Asset Management Co Ltd. It tracks the performance of the Nikkei 225 Index, which represents the top 225 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The fund has a trailing PE ratio of 18.14, indicating that the stock is valued at 18 times its earnings. This suggests that the stock may be slightly overvalued compared to its historical average. However, a PE ratio alone should not be the sole factor in making investment decisions. The fund has a five-year average return of 10.25% and a three-year average return of 15.78%, which indicates a positive track record. The fund has a beta of 1.11, which means that it is moderately more volatile than the overall market. The fund has a YTD return of 28.33%, indicating strong performance for the year. Its assets under management are significant, totaling JPY 3,827,091,898,368. Overall, the fund seems to be performing well and may be a suitable option for investors interested in gaining exposure to the Japanese equity market.

2023-07-01 08:33:55
7974 任天堂 75 Positive Nintendo Co., Ltd. (7974.T) operates in the Electronic Gaming & Multimedia industry within the Communication Services sector. It is a Japanese company based in Minami-ku, Kyoto. Nintendo is involved in the development, manufacture, and sale of gaming hardware and software. With a market capitalization of JPY 7,590,779,551,744, it is one of the leading players in the industry.

Key financial indicators for Nintendo Co., Ltd. show mixed results. The company has a trailing PE ratio of 17.54 and a forward PE ratio of 22.94. This suggests that the stock may be trading at a higher valuation compared to its earnings. The dividend yield is 3.91%, and the payout ratio is 2.03, indicating that the company distributes a portion of its profits as dividends to shareholders. The five-year average dividend yield is 4.34%, which suggests a relatively stable dividend payment history. The beta of 0.37 indicates that the stock is less volatile than the market.

Nintendo's financial performance is notable. It has a profit margin of 27.02%, which indicates the company's ability to generate profits from its operations. The return on equity (ROE) is 19.96%, indicating efficient management of shareholders' investments. The gross margin is 55.28%, suggesting effective cost management. However, the company's earnings growth rate and revenue growth rate for the latest quarter are negative at -21.5% and -18.3% respectively, which can be a cause for concern.

Considering the above analysis, Nintendo Co., Ltd. has both positive and negative aspects. It is worth noting that the stock has displayed positive 52-week change performance of 8.39%, outperforming the general market (S&P 52-week change performance of 14.65%). Analyst opinions on the stock are mostly positive, with a mean recommendation of 2.40 (Buy). The target mean price is JPY 6,266.7, indicating a potential upside from the current price.

Overall, Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a well-established company in the electronic gaming industry, with strong financials and a positive market outlook. However, the recent negative earnings and revenue growth rates raise a cautious flag. Investors should consider their risk tolerance and investment goals before making a decision.

2023-06-28 07:18:58
6758 ソニーグループ 80 Positive Sony Group Corporation, formerly known as Sony Corporation, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate with diversified businesses such as consumer electronics, gaming, music, films, television, semiconductors, financial services, and insurance. Sony's overall risk is very low, making it a safer option for investors. The stock price has been increasing over the last year, with a 52-week high of 14100.0. Sony's revenue and earnings growth are positive, indicating that the company is growing and expanding its reach. It is worth considering investing in Sony Group Corporation.

2023-06-24 14:43:32
1305 iFreeETF TOPIX(年1回決算型) None None None

1306 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX連動型上場投信 None None None

1308 上場インデックスファンドTOPIX None None None

1309 NEXT FUNDS ChinaAMC・中国株式・上証50連動型上場投信 None None None

1311 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX Core 30連動型上場投信 None None None

1321 NEXT FUNDS 日経225連動型上場投信 None None None

1322 上場インデックスファンド中国A株(パンダ)E Fund CSI300 None None None

1324 NEXT FUNDS ロシア株式指数連動型上場投信 None None None

1325 NEXT FUNDS ブラジル株式指数・ボベスパ連動型上場投信 None None None

1326 SPDRゴールド・シェア None None None