Yellow employees getting paid a day late; $92.9M in vacation time in limbo

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Yellow Corporation, formerly known as YRC Worldwide, is a leading American holding company for freight shipping brands. The company has recently filed for bankruptcy and laid off most of its staff of about 30,000 employees.

Article Analysis

The key points from the business news article highlight that Yellow Corporation is facing significant financial distress. The company has filed for bankruptcy and has delayed the payment of final paychecks to its employees. Furthermore, the company is seeking $92.9 million to pay outstanding PTO, with $8,725,000 immediately required to pay wages. This news is likely to have a negative impact on the company's stock price as it indicates severe liquidity issues and potential legal liabilities.

Market Reaction

Historically, market reaction to similar news events has been negative. Companies facing bankruptcy often see a sharp decline in their stock prices due to the uncertainty and risk associated with the process. The delay in wage payments and potential legal liabilities could further exacerbate this decline.

Investor Sentiment

Investor sentiment towards Yellow Corporation is likely to be negative following the publication of the news article. The company's financial distress, coupled with potential legal liabilities, could lead to a sell-off in the stock, increasing trading volume and driving down the price. Analyst opinions are also likely to be negative given the company's current situation.

Competitor Comparison

Compared to its main competitors, Yellow Corporation's performance and market position are likely to be negatively impacted by the news article. The company's financial distress and potential legal liabilities could lead to a loss of market share to its competitors.

Risk Factors

The main risk factors highlighted in the news article include the company's financial distress, potential legal liabilities related to delayed wage payments, and the need to secure significant funding to pay outstanding PTO. These risks could have a significant negative impact on the company's stock price if they materialize.


The news article is likely to have a negative effect on Yellow Corporation's stock price due to the company's financial distress, delayed wage payments, and potential legal liabilities. Investors should closely monitor the company's bankruptcy proceedings and any developments related to wage payments and PTO funding.


This financial report is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Investors are advised to conduct their own research and consult with a financial professional before making any investment decisions.

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Former Yellow employees told FreightWaves they're still waiting for pay for accrued vacation time. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves) Yellow employees who were expecting what are likely their final paychecks Thursday will instead receive them Friday, according to a company official. “Employees who are on a weekly pay schedule and are normally paid on Thursday will be paid on Friday this week, one day late due to the court hearing,” the official told FreightWaves in an emailed statement. Four truck drivers and dockworkers based around the U.S. told FreightWaves that they had not received their final paychecks, which they expected Thursday. Some former employees of Yellow sounded off on social media and messaging boards Thursday, frustrated that they had not received their final paychecks. Yellow, which filed for bankruptcy on Monday, laid off most of its staff of about 30,000 employees over the past few weeks. Approximately 23,000 of those workers are represented by the Teamsters, according to its Monday bankruptcy filing. The company ceased regular operations on July 28, as FreightWaves first reported. Truck driver William Stephens is one of those laid-off employees represented by Teamsters. He worked for the trucking giant for seven years at a Columbus, Ohio, terminal. When he checked his payroll portal on Tuesday, he was happy to see a final pay stub from Yellow. The payment, according to a document viewed by FreightWaves, was supposed to cover days worked between July 23 and July 29. However, when Stephens checked his bank account on Thursday, there was no payment from Yellow. And his employee portal access was shut down. The Yellow company official wrote in a statement that the company is doing “all it can to provide employees with compensation to which they are entitled.” Yellow also pointedly blamed Teamsters leadership for the company’s closure. “IBT leadership is solely responsible for destroying 30,000 jobs,” the spokesperson said. “Yellow was forced to file for bankruptcy on August 6th as a result of the IBT’s nine month refusal to negotiate the company’s long-planned modernization effort, One Yellow, which included significant pay raises for employees. Sadly, Teamster leaders did not care enough about Yellow’s union employees to discuss their contract until after the IBT had driven away all business and it was too late. Yellow fought until the end to save employees’ jobs. Yellow is working through the bankruptcy process. The timing of this process and legal determinations are not under the company’s control. Yellow will do all it can to provide employees with compensation to which they are entitled.” Story continues Meanwhile, the Teamsters wrote in a statement on Sunday that Yellow “abandoned its entire workforce” with its Chapter 11 filing. The organization noted that it would support members through the bankruptcy proceedings. “Our members’ loss of work at Yellow was no fault of their own. They should be the first in line for real relief as bankruptcy moves forward,” said John A. Murphy, Teamsters national freight director. “While Yellow’s closure represents one last shameful act by a greedy employer, the Teamsters will never desert our brothers and sisters. We will do everything we can to prioritize our members at Yellow and their families during forthcoming bankruptcy proceedings.” Yellow nearly filed for bankruptcy several times over the past 15 years. Teamsters estimates that, since 2009, its members have given away more than $5 billion in wage and benefit concessions to support Yellow. Most recently, the trucking company received a $700 million loan from the U.S. Treasury in 2020 to avoid collapse. For Stephens, the lack of communication has come as yet another disappointment during these last few weeks of Yellow’s shutdown. “No one ever called me or anyone in Columbus or anything about being laid off,” Stephens said. “We never got a notice in the mail. Nothing. We went to work and saw the gates locked. It’s just disappointing – you would think a big company like that would at least notify you that you don’t have a job anymore.” A dockworker in Oklahoma City, who asked that her name not be printed as she looks for another job, is also waiting for her last check. She said she learned she was out of a job from a piece of paper taped to a stop sign at her terminal stating company operations had ceased. Vacation time pay remains in limbo for former Yellow employees Two laid-off Yellow employees who were not represented by Teamsters told FreightWaves that they did receive their final paychecks last Friday. However, they said they did not receive payment for unused vacation time. Yellow wrote in its separation agreement dated July 28 that laid-off employees would receive payment for unused vacation “[a]s soon as administratively practicable.” Eight Teamsters members who previously worked at Yellow also said they had not received payment for accrued vacation time. Another truck driver based near Columbus, Ohio, who had worked for Yellow for 19 years said he has about four weeks of unused PTO. Arcadio Gonzlalez, a former Yellow employee based in Wheeling, Illinois, said he has some 130 hours unpaid — roughly equal to more than three weeks of unpaid vacation. Yellow revealed in a Monday bankruptcy filing that it would seek $92.9 million to pay outstanding PTO. However, it’s immediately asking $8,725,000 to pay wages. It’s unclear how much of those wages will go toward recently laid-off employees or Yellow’s “core group” of around 1,650 remaining employees. Do you have a story to share about Yellow’s shutdown and bankruptcy? Email The post Yellow employees getting paid a day late; $92.9M in vacation time in limbo appeared first on FreightWaves.