Tesla Model 3 Highland Refresh's New Design Elements Revealed In Photo Leaks - Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

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The rumored refreshed Tesla Inc TSLA Model 3 Highland has been spotted driving around California for months. New photos have now emerged on X, formerly known as Twitter. The images, shared by an account named "xiaoteshushu," provided a sneak peek into what appeared to be the updated wheels and a refreshed dashboard for the Tesla Model 3. The recently revealed wheels showcase a sleeker design, potentially hinting at improved aerodynamics that could further optimize the vehicle's efficiency and range. The dashboard, a critical focal point for Tesla enthusiasts and drivers alike, also exhibited a revamped look. While the exact features and changes remain speculative, the aesthetic tweaks visible in the leaked pictures suggested a drive towards a more minimalist yet advanced cabin experience. There was no official word from Tesla on when the Highland refresh would launch, or if it's even real. Many speculated Tesla's recent Full Self-Driving 1 time transfer program was a demand lever intentionally pulled before the refresh Model 3's debut. Photo: Unsplash